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Right now there are thousands of free sweepstakes online with hundreds of millions of dollars in prizes to be won! Over 12 years in development, Hypersweep has evolved into the premiere online location for finding, sharing and entering online sweepstakes.

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Thousands of Sweepstakes Links
We maintain real-time database of free online sweepstakes and contests. All listings are quality screened and verified.
Entry Automation
This is the only major sweepstakes directory with built-in entry automation. Our AutoFire™ technology sends entries for you!
Management Tools
Hypersweep is home of the SweepBot™, the most intuitive sweepstakes management system available.
Ad Free!
The first thing you'll notice is a complete lack of advertising of any kind. This makes for a cleaner, safer and much faster experience.
A Higher Standard
Hypersweep is the only site of its kind that does not rely on advertising. This allows us the freedom to reject paid listings which are the most likely to create spam and privacy issues.

Any event that raises security concerns will not be accepted on this site no matter how much they are willing to pay!

Being unbiased and providing only quality listings is one more way we give you a safer and more enjoyable experience.

"To you great people at Hypersweep, Never before have I won anything of value. Today I received a release form in the mail for a trip to the Laramie Dude Ranch in Wyoming. The contest was sponsored by Coty and I was the grand prize winner even though I did not sign up for any promotions. I do not make a lot of money and could not afford an adventure like this. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to enter so many fun sweepstakes. I did not expect to win such a wonderful prize. I was hooked on your site before but now even more. Thank You So Very Much"

Mary Griffin

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