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   Dear Hypersweep: one of your registered members, finally won, me. Thanks for all the support by listing contests I can enter. I won in the Listerine Albertsons "take the fresh burst experience". Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

   I recived a letter I had won first place in the HORMEL CHILI 'win a weber'sweepstakes October 9 2003.They said my smokey joe portable grill should be here in about two weeks.
Thank you

Myra Ricotta

   Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I won a sweepstakes which was entered from your site. It was the Lipton's Brisk, Liptons Iced Tea Golf Vacation in Las Vegas. The retail value is around $3700. Thanks a lot! I don't know if you really even want the information, but thought it may be good if you keep statistics.


   Just got an email from Pemmicon.com, won 1 of those GPS units ,thnx ,, this site kicks axe !!!!


   On Nov. 2 2001 I was informed by Phone that I won the Grand prize in the Sugar Pops sweepstakes. The prize, a weekend trip to L.A. to attend a concert. However the concert was cancelled. They called back two days later to give Me the choice of a trip within the year to go to L.A., or a cash prize of $1500.00. I took the cash. I have won sweepstakes in the past. It's been about 8 months since I won anything of value. The biggest thing is persistance. You have to keep on entering. Don’t give up hope.

Bob Murano

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