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The SweepBot

  By using the SweepBot, you can filter and sort the Hypersweep database in hundreds of different ways.  The Bot will generate a personalized list of events based on the criteria you give it.  This allows you to see only the events that are of interest to you.  You can use as many or as few of the controls as you want to set criteria. 

Event Feedback

  Members can share any tips or concerns about each event. Feedback is viewable by all Hypersweep visitors.  Non members can read feedback left by members, but cannot leave any of their own.

Click here for more information about becoming a member.        

Favorite Events

 You can keep track of up to 50 of your favorite sweepstakes in one customized list. If you find an event that you like and want to keep track of, just click the “Add To Favorite Events” button at the top of the page.  You can then access your personalized favorites list from the SweepBot at any time. Events will remain in your favorites list even after they have been archived.  They will be automatically removed one month later. You can also manually remove an event from your favorites list at any time by clicking it’s “remove” button.

  Your favorites page will also tell you how much time has passed since you last entered each event on the list.  This is useful when entering events with entry restrictions (daily, weekly etc...).

  Some things to keep in mind when using your favorites list:

  • Your favorites list is specific to your computer.  Since the non-members favorites are stored in a cookie on your hard drive, if you access Hypersweep from another machine, your favorites list will not follow you. If you step up Hypersweep PRO however, your favorites will be stored in Hypersweep's database, and you can access them from any online computer!
  • If you erase or reformat your hard drive, or delete your cookies, your favorites will be lost.
  • The date and time you last entered an event will only update when you click the “Enter This Event” button on that event’s Details page.
  • You will need to refresh, or reload your favorites list before you will see the updated “last entered” dates.
  • As a non-member, if you reach the maximum of 50 events that your favorites list can hold, you will have to remove one or more from your list before you can add another.

  The Favorites option will only be available to you if you browser supports Cookies.

Event By Number

  Every event in the Hypersweep database is assigned a tracking number.  If you are looking for a specific event and know it’s number, this is where you can retrieve it.


  After events expire they are stored in the archives for 1 month. This comes in handy as a reference.  If you have been notified that you have won a prize, but don’t remember the event, you can look for it in the archives to make sure it was legitimate. Some scam artists will send out phony prize notifications when they never even held an event to lure unsuspecting people to their scams.

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