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If you are the sponsor or administrator of an online sweepstakes, contest, or similar giveaway, you can add it to Hypersweep here. Your listing will be available to all registered members, as well as the thousands of daily visitors to the site. You will also receive a preferred link (at the top of the list) on Hypersweep's daily newsletter with nearly 10,000 verified subscribers.

There is no cost for this service. All you must do is provide a link back to this site from your entry form, or conformation (post-entry) page. Click Here to see linking options. NOTE: Your listing will NOT be posted if you do not provide a link back to us!

Use the form below to begin the submission process.

NOTE: Hypersweep is 100% member supported and does not accept paid listings. We also reserve the right to modify the formatting of listings to match the rest of the site, or reject any listing that may not suit the interests of our members.

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Listings are added to this site from several different sources. Therefore, it’s possible that your event is already in the database. Duplicate entries are rejected, so it’s highly recommended that you search for your event before you attempt to submit.

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