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Enter The Small Ones
It's natural to skip over the sweepstakes with smaller prizes and go for the big wins. However, since they get fewer entries the odds of winning the events with small prizes are better. A smaller prize might not have the allure of a larger one but you’ll probably have a better chance of winning it.
Enter The Difficult Ones
Some events require you to “jump through hoops” to enter. You may have to complete a survey, answer questions, write an essay, etc... Fewer people will take the time enter these types of events giving you much better odds.
Only Try For The Prizes You Really Want
Most new sweepers enter every sweepstakes they find, even with prizes that they don't really want. With so many choices, especially here on Hypersweep, this practice will spread your sweeping time very thin. Sweep smart by skipping the ones you don't truly care about winning, and focusing on the ones you do. Also keep in mind that large sweepstakes winnings are taxable income. Don’t enter an event unless you are prepared to pay taxes on the prize.
Enter Often
If a sweepstakes allows daily entries and you only enter once, your odds of winning will be low. Take advantage of Hypersweep's organization and entry tracking to submit as many entries as possible without disqualifying yourself.
Follow The Rules
Sweepstakes administrators will disqualify any entry that fails to comply with it's established rules. The most common reason for disqualification is entering more often than is allowed. Once again, Hypersweep's entry tracking will automatically tell you when you can safely enter each sweepstakes so be sure to put that feature to good use.
Be Aware Of What Happens To The Information You Submit
Most event sponsors keep your submitted information confidential, but many do not. In fact, some events are created solely to add entrants to a mailing list. If you are not interested in receiving mailings, keep your eyes open for any opt-out information each event may provide. Usually you will have the option to exclude yourself from mailing lists when you enter an event, but with others you can only remove yourself later. Even though Hypersweep has strict standards for sweepstakes and does not list events that are considered "spam generators", it's still a good idea to set up a second “throw away” e-mail account. This way you can help isolate your primary e-mail account from unwanted mailings. There are plenty of places online where you can easily set up an e-mailbox at no charge. Many of them also allow you to filter out unwanted messages. Google, and Yahoo! are two of the largest providers of free email accounts.
Don't Be Afraid To Pick Up a Pencil Once In a While!
Entering sweepstakes online is fun and easy, but some events that allow only one on-line entry will allow multiple mail-in entries. This can give you a big advantage if most everyone else enters online only once.  Check their official rules to see which events allow multiple mail-in entries.
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