The Hypersweep SweepBot™
Most sweepstakes "professionals" will tell you that the key to winning is to enter only the sweepstakes with prizes you really want, and enter them often! That's why Hypersweep is the home of the SweepBot™. This Sweepstakes management system makes it a breeze to filter the sweepstakes database, and find exactly what you want to win. Plus it tracks your sweepstakes entries automatically!

The SweepBot allows you to filter the database by criteria. Let's say you only want to see the sweepstakes that have prizes with a high cash value, that can be entered everyday, and were added within the last 24 hours. The SweepBot can do it in a snap!

And these are only a few of the SweepBot's settings. There's no need to scroll through long lists of listings to find what you want. The SweepBot makes it easy to find just what you're looking for!

Your entry history for every sweepstakes listing on the site will also be tracked automatically as you enter. If a sweepstakes allows daily entries, and you only enter one time, your odds of winning will be very low. If you enter more often that is allowed however, you might disqualify yourself. The trick is to enter as often as is allowed, without exceeding the event's entry restrictions. The SweepBot tracks your entries for you, and makes sure you don't enter too often. You'll know exactly how long it's been since you entered, and when you can safely enter again.

Another way the SweepBot makes entering sweepstakes easy is by providing built-in entry assistance. The Hyperfill is a small row of form fields that you can fill with any values that you use often when entering sweepstakes - name, address, etc... These values will be remembered, and you can drag and drop them into the sweepstakes entry forms.

Hypersweep is the only sweepstakes site to also offer BUILT-IN ENTRY AUTOMATION! Many of the multiple entry sweepstakes listings are Auto-Fire™ enabled, which means repeated entries will submit automatically! Just enter your entry information once, and the SweepBot's exclusive Auto-Fire technology will take over sending repeated entries for you. Entries will be sent whenever they are eligible, even if you are not logged in!

Some popular automated entry services charge much more for sweepstakes entry automation alone, and they do not offer as many sweepstakes as Hypersweep! This service is included with every Hypersweep membership at no additional cost. More Info

"To you great people at Hypersweep, Never before have I won anything of value. Today I received a release form in the mail for a trip to the Laramie Dude Ranch in Wyoming. The contest was sponsored by Coty and I was the grand prize winner even though I did not sign up for any promotions. I do not make a lot of money and could not afford an adventure like this. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to enter so many fun sweepstakes. I did not expect to win such a wonderful prize. I was hooked on your site before but now even more. Thank You So Very Much"

Mary Griffin
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