The Hypersweep AutoFire System


Hypersweep's exclusive AutoFire™ Technology automatically sends entries for you. Just enter your personal info once, and AutoFire will take over! AutoFire does not work with all sweepstakes on the site, but will work with many.

Whenever you see this button in the Hypersweep toolbar of any listing on this site, you can click it to set up AutoFire for that sweepstakes. Enter the sweepstakes manually the first time, and then click the AutoFire button. That's it! This option will not be available on all sweepstakes however. Since many sweepstakes will disqualify you for using automated entries, only the listings that are likely to be safe to automate have been AutoFire enabled.

A new submission will be sent for you automatically whenever you are eligible for another entry. The AutoFire system keeps track of all your entries, and makes sure that they are sent only when you are eligible - once daily, once weekly, etc. It even knows if an entry is not received, and continues to try until it receives an entry conformation! And the system is continuously monitored. If a submission continues to fail, it will be investigated and the problem corrected for you. This is a must since so many sweepstakes often change their entry forms and URLs.

The AutoFire system is also tied into the rest of the site. So if you enter a sweepstakes manually, AutoFire will automatically hold off sending another entry until you are eligible to enter again.


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