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   It's well known in the business world that giving away free prizes is a great way to promote new products and services. In fact, most large companies have at least one online sweepstakes in operation at all times. Entering online sweepstakes is fun and easy, and people really do win!

   Hypersweep makes it easy to find, enter, and organize online sweepstakes. We maintain a growing database of links to thousands of online sweepstakes, contests, and even play-to-win games. You'll also find organizational tools here and even entry automation!

   And since this site operates on member support and not advertising, we are free to reject sweepstakes events that have undesirable privacy polices. Unfortunatly there are many sweepstakes that gather and sell personal information for advertising purposes. These sweepstakes will pay 3rd parties like Hypersweep to list their events. As a result, most sweepstakes directories of this type will prominently display paid listings that they know generate spam and privacy concerns for entrants. This site is different however. Hypersweep does not accept sweepstakes listings that we know will waste our member's time or put their privacy in jeopardy. In fact, this site rejects almost as many new sweepstakes as it accepts every day! Plus, when you're a member you'll find this site to be remarkably free of advertising. Not only does this mean less annoyance, but also makes for a much faster site!

   We're so sure you'll love this site, that we'll even let you try it free! Sign up for a free no obligation trial membership, and you'll have free access for 5 days. After your trial is up, you can continue your membership for only $3.95 a month!

"FYI: I was notified earlier this week by e-mail that I was the January winner at this site: jewelry2leather.com. I have replied to the win notice e-mail and am now waiting to receive the airfare certificate. Thanks Hypersweep - I would not have known of the sweepstakes without the listing on this site."

Diane Brings
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Hypersweep Features:
  • A clean, logical interface that's fun and easy to use.

  • An extensive help and support system.

  • Thousands of sweepstakes listings, updated in real time.

  • Quality listings: Sweepstakes with undesirable privacy policies are not accepted on the site.

  • Automatic tracking of your entries. You'll know the last time you entered each sweepstakes, and when you can enter again.

  • Personal stats for every event you enter. You can see how your odds of winning compare to the other members on the site.

  • A customizable list of your favorite listings. Organize and manage the sweepstakes you enter most often.

  • The ability to save a personal note for each individual sweepstakes listing. Stay organized, by leaving tips, and reminders for yourself.

  • Leave public feedback messages for each sweepstakes listing. Members can warn each other of difficulties, or share answers to entry questions.

  • A built in form fill assistant, and submission automation tool.

  • Entries into special members-only sweepstakes every month!

  • No advertisements. The member's sections contain no banners or pop-up ads!

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