The AutoFire™ System
  "AutoFire" is Hypersweep's exclusive entry automation technology that sends repeated entries to many of the multiple entry sweepstakes on the site. Just enter your entry information once, and AutoFire will take over. Entries will be sent whenever they are eligible, even if you are not logged in. Your computer doesn't even need to be on! More Info

  8 years in development, AutoFire is the ultimate in entry automation and it's included with every Hypersweep membership at no additional cost! The efficient nature of the technology behind AutoFire allows us to set up an automated sweepstakes entry profile in a matter of minutes. This streamlined process means we can offer this service at a fraction of the cost of anyone else. A full membership including AutoFire is only 3.95 a month!

How AutoFire Protects Your Entries

The AutoFire system takes painstaking measures to insure your automated entries are virtually indistinguishable from manually keystroked entries. After all, what's the point of entry automation if your entries get disqualified?

  • Measured Keystroking: Every entry is keystroked slowly and naturally.
  • Random Timing: Entry times are randomized so the same entry will never be at exactly the same time every day.
  • Cookie Purging: Tracking Cookies are reset after every entry.
  • Source Rotation: Each Member's entries will be sent from a different computer.

Making every automatic entry resemble a manual entry as much as possible is the basis of successful entry automation. AutoFire does do one thing however that no other entry automation system does to make it as fair as possible to the sweepstakes administrators. Every entrant must personally visit the entry form and enter at least one time by hand before AutoFire will take over.

And AutoFire is the only entry automation system built into a major sweepstakes directory! This seamless integration allows for an unparalleled ease of use.

"To you great people at Hypersweep, Never before have I won anything of value. Today I received a release form in the mail for a trip to the Laramie Dude Ranch in Wyoming. The contest was sponsored by Coty and I was the grand prize winner even though I did not sign up for any promotions. I do not make a lot of money and could not afford an adventure like this. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to enter so many fun sweepstakes. I did not expect to win such a wonderful prize. I was hooked on your site before but now even more. Thank You So Very Much"

Mary Griffin
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