The Hypersweep Forums

The Hypersweep forums allow all Hypersweep members to post, and respond to messages. You can ask questions, post tips, or anything else sweepstakes related. If you are not a logged in Hypersweep member, you have unrestricted access to the forums, but cannot post or respond to messages.

To use the forums, first select a topic folder in the frame on the left side of the window. You then see a listing of all of the postings in the top frame. The newest postings will be at the top of the list. Clicking a posting will open it's details in the bottom frame. Each posting's subject will have a bullet in front of it. If the bullet looks like this: the posting has received replies and clicking the bullet will expand them.

Use the navigation buttons in the upper right of the page to navigate through older postings.

Add Message*  Clicking this button will allow you to post a new message to the forums. This message will be visible to all Hypersweep members and visitors. If you would like your email address to appear in the listing, uncheck the "Hide e-mail" box. This will include your e-mail address as a clickable link next to your name. Otherwise, your e-mail address will remain private.

Reply To Post*  This button allows you to respond to the message that you are currently viewing.

Search  Clicking this button will open a search window where you can search all of the messages for a specific word, or phrase.

Refresh  This reloads the list of postings, allowing you to see any new ones that have been left.

Expand All   This button will expand all of the responses for all messages currently listed.

Folder Subscriptions   Clicking this button will allow you to set up an e-mail subscription to any of the available topic folders. Once you have set up a subscription, you will receive an e-mail message whenever there is a new posting in that folder.

*Only available to active members.

Requirements: For optimum results in the forums, you should use Internet Explorer 5.5 or later, Netscape 7.1 or later, or Mozilla 1.4a or equivalent. Other browsers may produce unexpected results.